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Women in the Industry

So women in the industry are rarely taken seriously. It has traditionally been a boys club because of the way the music industry objectifies women. The article by Jessica Goldstein highlights the challenges that Lady Gaga faces. A few months ago I wrote on LinkedIn about the future of the music industry. I found that boys and girls alike want one thing, transparency. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a boys club currently it just means let’s be honest about it so we can change it. Men trying to work their way up are just as suspicious of their female counterparts advancing more rapidly too. Assumptions of misconduct are floating just below the surface on both sides of the fence.

Managers have taken advantage of artists for years(Ke$ha)so has the industry model, the policies, the labels, the publishing houses(let’s not get me started on this), the sexism, the theft, the misrepresentation, the fear mongering, the power grabs, the money, the money, the money! So I believe there is a change coming one in which artist own their content, where power doesn’t force people to sacrifice their ethics and where women can have intellectual discussions with their male counterparts without worrying about sexual responses. Music is intimate boys. It opens you up in crazy ways but those emotions can remain platonic. Women have learned to express themselves with words and I attest to how intimate music creation can be. Writing music is like making a child it is as intimate as intercourse and as emotionally confounding as watching someone give birth.

How will we ever find a solution to this conundrum? We need more women in the industry, more producers that are women, more tour managers that are women, more musicians that are women, more, more, more! Women must be strong, which is why eccentric women, survivors and warriors enter this industry with intent to change the way our ethics are molested and the practice tolerated by far too many. Lady Gaga I commend you for releasing this story. It is the first step to showing society that it creates the very things it comes to fear. Bravo to all of the strong BRAVE Women who have stood up and chosen to shine the light into the dark recesses of your soul to expose the truth about the American Rape Culture and that Boys Club that likes to pretend it doesn’t exist!

Please read the Article here. http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/12/lady-gaga-shares-how-she-survived-her-sexual-assault


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